Macadamia Nuts Salted

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Macadamia nuts salted lightly air-roasted, easier to digest and more aroma than raw, no oil added. Wholesale price, free delivery on R 850 orders to main regions.


Macadamia Nuts Salted lightly air-roasted, easier to digest and more aroma than raw, no oil added.

  • Natural “Pink” Himalayan rock salted for best minerals and body balance.
  • Fresh “crunchy” experience from export-grade, artisan roast kernels.
  • Heat sanitized through air roasting, no chemicals or alcohol.
  • Non-GMO, unblanched, Macadamia nuts.
  • Halaal and Kosher certified.
Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy (kJ) 2992.8 kJ
Protein (g) 7.8 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 12.8 g
of which total sugar (g) 4.1 g
Total Fat (g) 76.1 g
of which Saturated fat (g) 11.9 g
Dietary fibre (g) 8.0 g
Total Sodium (mg) 353.0 mg

Allergens: Tree Nuts. Source: Calculated from supplier specifications.

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1kg Pouch, 4 x 250g Pouches, 250g Single Pouch, 10 x 100g Pouches

6 reviews for Macadamia Nuts Salted

  1. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Just the best, crispiest, crunchiest, dry roasted macadamias ever! I highly recommend them!

  2. Antoinette Naude

    Macadamias have always been my favourite, but Roastwell just found a way to make the best tasting nut taste even better..
    This is beautiful…

  3. Andrew Stockil (verified owner)

    I think they are nice, but i didn’t get any, my family ate them all before i could……

  4. Sasha Ella (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the quality of these macadamias!! Will never buy anywhere else after eating these, no other macadamia comes close to be honest!

  5. atmone (verified owner)

    I ordered the small packet, the last order was 1kg. Yummy, crispy, just enough salt contents. I have to
    add this extra Macadamia to my mixed nuts… too delicious. Highly recommended. Best ever

  6. (verified owner)

    These macadamias have just the right amount of salt. Taste good!

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