Walnut Halves Unsalted

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Walnut Halves Unsalted. Unsalted, fresh from Eastern Cape. Wholesale price, free delivery on R 850 orders to main regions.


Walnut Halves Unsalted contain high amounts of the plant-based omega-3 and are also a good source of magnesium and phosphorus – both important minerals involved in the body’s processes.

  • Light Walnut halves fresh from Northern Cape, South Africa.
  • Non-GMO, Walnut kernels, export grade.
  • Halaal and Kosher certified.
Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy (kJ) 2928.0 kJ
Protein (g) 16.6 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 10.0 g
of which total sugar (g) 0.0 g
Total Fat (g) 66.6 g
of which Saturated fat (g) 6.6 g
Dietary fibre (g) 10.0 g
Total Sodium (mg) 0 mg
Allergens: Tree Nuts. Source: Calculated from supplier specifications.

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1kg Pouch, 5 x 200g Pouches, 200g Single Pouch

7 reviews for Walnut Halves Unsalted

  1. Susan

    I am mad about your walnuts. I eat them raw and I bake with them. Bran and banana muffins are just not the same without them and I have run out of them! Just waiting for my budget to improve and I will be ordering your delicious walnuts and lots of other nuts. The walnuts are just beautiful little brains waiting to be eaten and put one in a good mood. Also your service is amazing. All your staff go the extra mile. I usually order for myself and my cousin who also loves your nuts. Beautiful brainy walnuts….l. soon I will be ordering. from Nutty Sue

  2. merindeb (verified owner)

    The taste of the Walnuts are simply amazing!

    We use them in salads, muffins or even eat them as is.

    Thank you, Roastwell!

  3. gillianjensen101 (verified owner)

    On my previous order, I decided to try these. They are really very yummy – a great, healthy snack and good for me.

  4. skynet (verified owner)

    Walnuts are fantasic

  5. Jenny (verified owner)

    The best walnuts I have ever tasted!

  6. elaineatboshof (verified owner)

    the best walnuts I’ve ever found.

  7. Linda (verified owner)

    I have to agree with previous reviewers that Roastwell walnuts are simply the best walnuts around – always fresh with the perfect balance of softness and crunch, and no aftertaste like walnuts sometimes have. My first introduction to Roastwell was with almonds which I eat for their calcium, then I started adding cashews and now I add walnuts too – as well as adding walnuts to toppings of various dishes, and when I bake rusks and muffins.

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