Seeds high in Energy

Seeds high in energy – make your healthy lifestyle taste better and cost less with our air-roasted seed snacks. See our range of pumpkin seed, sunflower seed and chia seed. Avilable in raw or roasted options.

Seeds high in energy

High Protein, Fibre & Energy

Seeds high in energy, protein, and fibre – making them a highly nutritious snack easy to eat on the go. We lightly air-roast our seeds for better flavour and easier digestion.

The Roastwell seed and nut mix is a very tasty blend of seeds, mixed nuts and cranberries. I have used it as a topping for salads, as a trail mix and as an additive to muesli and it is delicious.


We tried the (pumpkin seed) flour in our breakfast crunchies and a savory tart. It was delicious and will be part of my shopping list!


Excellent service! Placed order less than two days ago. Delivered to my front door by a very friend courier service ????happy customer


Our Products

Seeds high in energy

Seed Snacks

Nutritious snacks easy to eat on the go, or enjoy sprinkled over muesli, yoghurt, or salads. Click here for product listing

Seeds high in energy

Seed Flours

The same nutritious, air-roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds ground into a fine powder for wheat-free recipes and baking. Click here for product list.

Seeds high in energy

Chia Seeds

High in fibre, protein and essential amino acids and can be used to thicken sauces or substituted for eggs in recipes. Click here for product details.

Seeds high in energy

Seed & Nut Mix

High protien, low carb mix of nuts, seeds, and berries perfect as a snack or the go or as a topping on breakfasts and salads. Click here for product details.

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Seeds high in energy

Place an order through our website – we offer discounted bulk ordering to make it even easier for you to make sure you have the tasty, nutritious snacks you need to live healthily.

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