Artisan Roasted Nuts

An artisan – “a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.”

The word artisan suggests being artistic, but hand craftsmanship is not limited to artwork. It can also be applied to the food we eat!

At Roastwell, artisan roasting is all about care for our products, by hand, during roasting. Batches of raw nuts vary in qualities such as moisture and taste profile, requiring unique care when air-roasting.

Click here to watch our artisan roasters at work in this video on our Facebook page.

We follow a slow process, using wholesome ingredients such as natural Himalayan rock salt, Rooibos tea and Coconut sugar to bring out the best, crunchy taste of each nut.

Our ranges of Macadamia, Cashew and Almond nuts are all carefully crafted for a healthy, tasty experience.

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Artisan Roasted Nuts
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