Get your caloric surplus with healthy, nutritionally dense foods at an affordable price with our air-roasted Almonds.

The Science: Adding Muscle Mass

science of bulking

You need to be in a caloric surplus to build muscle – the energy you get from the food you eat needs to be more than the energy you expend [1].

But the type of food is important: the healthiest way to bulk is with nutritionally dense food sources [2]. The extra calories you consume also give you more healthy nutrients.

Nutritionaly Dense Snacking 

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Nuts are nutritionally dense foods, with high protien, fiber, and healthy unsaturated fat macro-nutrient content. 25% of the calories you get from a serving of nuts comes is high quality, amino-acid rich protien. [3]

Nuts have high calorie counts, as they provide substantial amounts of healthy fats. 1 gram of unsaturated fat has 9 calories, in comparison to carbohydrates and protien which contains 4 calories. [4]

This makes nuts a great snack to add to your diet to help boost your calorie intake to 10%-20% above maintenance.

The Science: Adding Muscle Mass

Affordable, Nutrient Dense Almonds

Our almonds are an affordable, tasty, and nutritious snack on the go or supplement for your smoothies.

A 1kg pouch of our Almond Unsalted nuts give you a 100g serving of air-roasted almond nuts for R20,50 (inc. VAT) which provides 20g of protein nutrition.

Nutritional Content (100g serving)

  • 20g of protein
  • 21g of carbohydrates (4,8g total sugar)
  • 48,4g of unsaturated fat
  • 10,9g of dietary fibre

What Our Customers Say

Antoinette Naude

“Once you have tasted these nuts, no other nuts will do!”

Scott Charms

“These are my favorite purchase. Nuts are fresh, crisp and very tasty. Delicious eaten by the handful or used in cooking.”

Erica DuPreez

“I will never again waste my money buying any other almonds, no matter the offer! Roastwell’s are the best: fresh, tasty, and just 100%. Their delivery and follow-up customer care is excellent.”

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