Low carb dieting made enjoyable?

Low Carb Dieting

Low carb dieting aims to restrict the number of carbohydrates you eat. Carbohydrates come in two forms: healthy, complex carbohydrates typically found in vegetables and whole grains, and simple refined carbohydrates found in white bread and sugary snacks.

Complex carbs provide more nutrients and are often high in fiber which makes them slower to digest, leaving you fuller for longer.

Low carb dieting restricts simple carbs, and allow a small number of complex carbs to be eaten which leave you feeling full with enough energy to get through the day. Most people find it easier to achieve a caloric deficit with a low carb diet that focuses on  complex carbs.

Low Carb Foods

Any food that has a lot of fiber, and provides complex carbs are a good substitute for refined simple carb food sources such as white bread, sugary drinks or sugar-rich baked goods.

Any meals or foods produced with whole-grain flour are great sources for complex carbohydrates. Vegetables such as broccoli or butternut are highly nutritious sources of complex carbohydrates.

Nuts and Seeds are great snack options that are rich in nutritional value and provide additional healthy fats and proteins alongside complex carbohydrates.

Low Carb Dieting

How to Make Meals Low Carb?

Low Carb Dieting

You can replace carbohydrate bases in many meals with wholegrain rice or vegetables such as sweet potato, cauliflower, or butternut.

You can also replace snacks such as crackers, biscuits, and other refined carb sources with almonds, macadamias, cashews, or walnuts for a quick, healthy snack on the go.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts are highly nutritionally dense foods, with relatively small amounts of carbohydrates and are high in healthy fat, protien, and fibre. Ideal for Low Carb Dieting.

Nuts have low carbohydrate ratios in comparison to healthy, fats, proteins, and fibre:

per 100g Fats Proteins Carbohydrates
Almonds 52.5g 20.9g 21g
Cashews 46.3g 15.3g 32.7g
Macadamia 76g 7.8g 13.3g
Pecans 71.9g 9.1g 13.8g
Walnuts 66.6g 16.6g 10g
Pumpkin Seeds 18.9g 18.9g 54g
Sunflower Seeds 50g 20.6g 23.5g
Low Carb Dieting

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