Better Roasted

Better roasted choice: Air-Roasted Nuts for better taste and nutrition.

Better Roasted

Better Flavour, Better Nutrition

Air-Roasting unlocks a richer taste and crunchy texture – without adding unhealthy saturated fats that occurs with oil roasting.

Air-Roasting breaks down the nutritional content within the nut, allowing for easier digestion and more nutritional value. 

Our Range

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Choose Your Flavour

Cashew Nuts Unsalted


Lightly air-roasted, with no additional flavouring for a healthy, natural taste

Cashew Nuts Salted


Lightly salted with natural, Himalayan Rock Salt for a healthy savoury snack.

Mix Nuts and Berries Unsalted

Mixed Snacks

Choose a combination of mixed nuts, or our Mixed Nuts and Berries for a wider variety of nutritional benefits. 

What Our Customers Say

Almond Nut Combo

Rouxna – Almond Unsalted

“AMAZING almonds. So fresh. So crisp. So tasty. I have to hide them from myself or I won’t stop snacking.”

Carvan – Cashew Unsalted

“Fresh, excelent taste and good quality. Just enough salt! Perfect! Love it!”

Jaques – Mixed Nuts Salted

“Amazingly fresh! Beats any other store-bought freshness (unless you were buying Roastwell from the store!). Cool thing is you still get it fresher when buying straight from Roastwell.”

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