Air-Roasted Almonds

We take extra care to make sure our Air-roasted Almonds are as tasty and nutritious as possible for our customers. Perfect for a high-protein, healthy carb snack on the go for busy people living a healthy lifestyle.

Air-Roasted Almonds

Air Roasting Process

Air-Roasted Almonds

We air roast our almond nuts for two reasons: better nutrition and better taste


We’ve refined our air roasting technique to ensure our customers get the rich, full flavour of the almond nut and the signature crunchy texture they love.


Roasting almond nuts partially breaks down the proteins within the nut, making it easier to digest than raw nuts. Air roasting does this without adding unhealthy saturated fats and an oily taste many people experience with oil-roasted nuts.

Our Products

Air-Roasted Almonds

Almond Unsalted

Air-Roasted Almonds for rich, full flavour and crunch

Air-Roasted Almonds

Almond Salted

Air-Roasted Almonds infused with natural Himalayan Rock Salt

Air-Roasted Almonds

Almond Smoked

Air-Roasted Almonds with a smokey, savoury taste

Save in Bulk

Air-Roasted Almonds

Place an order through our website – we offer discounted bulk ordering to make it even easier for you to make sure you have the tasty, nutritious snacks you need to live healthily.

bake with nut flour

Air-Roasted Almonds

Almond Flour

Our Almond nut flour gives you a high protein, high fibre alternative to regular flour. Get more energy for less in your baking with our lightly air-roasted, non-GMO Almond Flour. We are proudly Halaal and Kosher certified.

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