Affordable Low Carb Baking

Affordable Low Carb Baking

Affordable low carb baking with gluten-free seed and nut flours is possible! All nut and seed are lightly air-roasted before grinding, to enhance flavour and improve nutrition to add more to your healthy recipes.

We ensure a very fine grind (less than 1mm) for our flours for a smooth consistency for baking.

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Our Recipes

Affordable Low Carb Baking

Bring tasty Christmas Cookies back into your festive traditions with this low-carb biscuit recipe with high-protein Almond Flour.

Affordable Low Carb Baking

Nut & Seed bread packed full of healthy fats, good fiber and hunger busting protein with Macadamia & Sunflower Seed Flour

What Our Customers Say

Affordable Low Carb Baking

Charlotte – Macadamia Flour

“The absolute best ingredients for a nut flour gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan carrot cake!”

Antoinette – Almond Flour

“These are my favorite purchase. Nuts are fresh, crisp and very tasty. Delicious eaten by the handful or used in cooking.”

Merin – Pumpkin Seed Flour

“We tried the flour in our breakfast crunchies and a savory tart. It was delicious and will be part of my shopping list!”

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