Artisan Coffee

Artisan coffee hand roasted to Medium and Dark roast profiles in the traditional Italian style

Artisan Coffee

Single Origin, Italian Tradition

Our customers value the Italian-inspired tradition of espresso beverages (cappuccino, americano, caffe-latte, etc.). Slow-roasted, single origin coffee beans are central to creating a special in-cup experience.

I tried out some others to see if I was missing anything… I was not! These have a great, strong depth of flavour.

McNulty Consulting

We were given a free sample pack and WOW! Smooth and velvety indeed. As a vegan I use soya milk and some coffees curdle the milk, not this one.

Will definitely be ordering again!


Wow! Seriously Supreme flavour. Insanely cheap compared to fancy coffee shop prices.

Jacques Theron

Medium Roasts

Mocha Java

Classic blend of Indonesian and Ethiopian coffee beans

Supreme Blend

A rich and smooth blend of Arabica specialty coffee beans..

Italian Blend

A strong blend of full roasted beans with lasting aroma.

House Blend

A perfect balance of aroma, body and flavour for filter brewing

Blue Mountain

A rich, full bodied blend of Indonesian coffee beans

Decaf Columbia

Medium roasted Arabica beans for filter and plunger brewing.

Dark Roasts

Santos Espresso

Specialty coffee beans roasted in the Italian tradition of strong aroma and crema. Artisan Coffee.

Velvet Espresso

Specialty coffee beans roasted for a lasting, velvet espresso experience. Artisan Coffee.

French Roast

A very dark roast with smokey aroma and hint of bitterness. Artisan Coffee

Decaf Espresso

Decaffinated Arabica coffee beans, roasted for espresso extraction. Artisan Coffee.

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Artisan Coffee

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